School Bus

Extended Coverage: CWI School Bus Coverage

Available on the ISL G* engine in the United States and Canada.

Protect your School Bus against major repair costs no matter where you go. School Bus Coverage includes:

  • Registered parts and labor
  • Engine coverage includes EGR components (CWF)
  • Engine coverage includes EGR components, excluding all maintenance components and accessories which bear the name of another company (CWB)
    • Maintenance components excluded from coverage include, but are not limited to: fuel pump, turbocharger, air compressor, fan clutch, water pump, fan hub, fan idler pulley assembly, vibration damper, belts, hoses, belt tensioner and thermostat.
  • Major components coverage (CWS)
    • Engine cylinder block casting
    • Engine cylinder head castings and capscrews
    • Engine crankshaft forging
    • Engine camshaft forging
    • Engine connecting rods
    • Flywheel housing
    • Intake manifold castings
    • Valve covers
    • Oil cooler cover/filter heads
    • Oil pan
    • Gear cover and housing
    • Gear train gears:
      • Crankshaft gear
      • Camshaft idler gear
      • Accessory drive gear
      • Fuel pump drive gear
  • All plans exclude Aftertreatment component failures

School Bus Coverage - Full Coverage (CWF)

Program ID:  CWF
MATRIX:  298895


School Bus Coverage - Engine coverage, excluding all maintenance components (CWB)

Program ID:  CWB
MATRIX:  296195

School Bus Coverage - Major components coverage (CWS)

Program ID:  CWS
MATRIX:  297895


*ISL G includes Near Zero

Coverage purchase must be documented on a Cummins Customized Assurance Plan Certificate. The certificate must be signed and dated by the customer.

For complete coverage details see legal description (Bulletins CWB - 3605912, CWS - 3605911 and CWF - 3385468)

Questions on Circuit Site Content/Registration contact:

Regional Factory Bus Representative or a Local Cummins Distributor

Questions on Filing Claims contact: Cummins Worldwide Claims Management